Hai, I'm Bryn ^^

  1 /* About Me */
  2 var pronouns = "she/her";
  3 var age = 24;
  4 var location = "Pittsburgh, PA";
  5 var interests = [
  6   "free open-source software",
  7   "queer liberation",
  8   "relationship anarchy",
  9   "mental health advocacy",
 10   "indie & pop punk music"
 11 ];
 12 function screm() {
 13   console.log("AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA");
 14   screm(); // Scream eternally.
 15 }
A self-portrait of me sitting in an office chair.

I am transfemme, bisexual, and polyamorous.
I'm not interested in debating the validity of any of these things.

I regularly share and create mature content, and I discuss ideologies that are often considered radical.
Links marked with a dagger (†) are not recommended for anyone under the age of 18. Viewer discretion is advised.

You can find me in these places:

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2023-01-21 :: On Unicorn Trapping

In polyamory, "unicorn hunting" is essentially one of our cardinal sins. But what happens when an unbalanced dynamic forms unintentionally?

2023-01-18 :: "You Never Showed Any Signs As A Kid"

The transgender experience is far from universal. Here's one perspective of my own.

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